About Me


(Ashlea thinks writing about herself in the third person is odd, but she is going to attempt it anyway.)

Ashlea lives with her hilarious husband, her three LOUD children, and their blessedly perfect pooch Winston Stanley the Third. She can most often be found in her office penning stunning words of prose minivan carting around little people shouting, “Mama can’t fix your iPad while I’m driving!” She enjoys a good book, bad TV, and her friends. Ashlea and her husband are converts to the Catholic Church and are trying their best to navigate the oft times confusing but always welcoming world of “being catholic.” With a new baby boy, one son approaching teen-dom, and a perfect diva of a daughter sandwiched in between, life is never quiet. They’ve moved 8 times in 10 years and always have their sights on the next big move. Join Ashlea as she attempts to chronicle this madness and never fails to be taught some serious Lessons in Grace by this busy, LOUD, wonderful life she’s been given.